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Have you considered getting solar panels for your home? S-Power AU can help. We’re a Clean Energy Council (CEC) approved retailer backed by over 12 years of experience designing and installing solar systems in Canberra and the local region. We’re also available to carry out any repair and maintenance work your system may need in the future.

The solar energy systems designed and installed by our CEC accredited team can help you to significantly lower your energy bills by using the free energy that the sun provides. By getting solar panels installed on your roof, you can help to minimise the carbon emissions your household is producing, as solar panels are one of the most environmentally friendly power sources available.

S-Power AU is your one stop shop for all your solar needs, including installation and servicing. To get the process started, our CEC accredited designers will analyse your energy requirements and recommend the best solar system suitable for the Canberra region. And to help you start saving sooner on your electricity bills, we also offer payment options including the ACT Government zero-interest loan and STC (Small-scale Technology Certificate) incentives.


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